Toddle has revamped the workbook and made some features easier to use. In this article, we will explore:

  • Conversion of PDF file to Toddle workbook pages for student templates in PYP

  • Revamped brush color and thickness selection interface

Converting PDF files to workbook pages

Now, you can convert a PDF document to workbook pages, directly on Toddle. This is available only within the PYP curriculum at the moment. The pre-requisite is that the school should have the PDF-tron feature turned off. Follow the following steps to convert a PDF file to workbook pages:

Step 1: Create a quick task/Learning experience within the class stream section

Group 4368.png

Step 2: In the student template section, upload a PDF file from your device, or through Google drive

Group 4369.png

Step 3: If the PDF document is 10 pages or under, the entire document will be converted to workbook pages. If the PDF document is over 10 pages, only the first 10 pages will be converted to Toddle workbook pages.

Group 4370.png

Revamped brush color and thickness selection interface

The workbook has been optimised with the following additions, and provides more brush color and thickness selection options:

Brush color can be selected from the color palette included in the brush tray at the bottom, as shown below.

Group 4365.png

More color options are available by clicking on the gradient icon, as shown below.

Group 4371.png

Clicking again on the selected brush opens the thickness popup, which contains four different thickness options, as shown below.

Group 4372.png

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for the product newsletter for more product updates!

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