Educators can now use the subject-wise view under progress reports for MYP and UbD curriculums, which enables quick and easy filling of data.

This article will cover:

  • What does the subject-wise view help with

  • Navigating to the subject-wise view

  • Viewing sections within the subject-wise view

What does the subject-wise view help with

This view helps educators to directly go into the relevant subject for which they are subject teachers and mark that subject section for all students within a year group that are enrolled in that subject.

Educators can also view other sections that they might be required to fill in progress reports, which might be of relevance to them. This would help eliminate the confusion of looking at the entire progress report for a student in the case when subject teachers are concerned with the activity of filling in report sets for their specific subject only. Educators will still be able to view the entire progress report for a student under the student tab; but they also have the option of taking the subject-wise route under the subject-view tab.

Navigating to the subject-wise view

Follow the steps given below to navigate to the subject-wise view for MYP and UbD progress reports:

Step 1: From your MYP/UbD homepage, click on ‘Progress Reports’

Group 4373.png

Step 2: Choose the progress report set that you would like to fill in progress reports for, and then select the relevant year group from the list of year groups for which you are added as a teacher, as shown below.

Group 4374.png

Group 4375.png

Step 3: Once you go within a year group, you will see two tabs at the top— ‘Subject view’ and ‘Student view’. Select subject view. Under this tab, you will see two sections:

  • My subjects, which lists all your subject classes arranged by subject groups

  • Other sections, which lists other sections in the progress reports that you could potentially fill (Interdisciplinary learning, Homeroom advisor comments and Attendance)

Group 4379.png

Viewing sections within the subject-wise view

When you click on a subject card, you will be directed to the following screen, wherein you can fill in data for students for that specific subject, and can easily switch between students. You can see:

  • The status bar on the top right displays the total students, students for which the progress report is marked as complete, students whose progress reports are still pending, and students whose reports have been excluded for this set.

  • You can see a ‘Mark this section as complete’ button, to the right of the preview. When you mark the ‘English’ section as complete by clicking on this button, a green tick appears on the left navigation bar against the student for whom this button is clicked. This green tick means that the sub-section which you went within from the subject-view page has been marked as complete, i.e., the English section is complete for this student.

Group 4380.png

You can:

  • Fill in the scores and grade students per usual, as shown in the highlighted sections below.

  • Switch between students who are enrolled in ‘English’ and for whom you are a subject teacher.

Group 4381.png

In the same way, you can also go within any of the ‘Other’ sub-sections on the subject-view page and you will see a similar view, with the data for that single section for all the students.

Group 4382.png

For instance, you could go within attendance and you will see the following view. You will see the attendance for all the students as shown in their respective progress reports. You can switch between students to view/edit another student’s attendance using the left navigation switcher.

Group 4383.png

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