Toddle helps you to stay connected and actively participate in your child’s learning. With the help of Teacher messaging feature, family members can have seamless communication with teachers for any doubts, feedbacks, or to discuss the progress of their child. Read this article to explore all about Teacher messaging!

  • Navigate to Teacher messaging

  • Use Teacher messaging

  • View Teacher messaging for another child

Navigate to Teacher messaging

As a family, you can view messages sent by your child’s teachers by clicking on the ‘Teacher Messaging’ section on your homepage. Additionally, you will notice a red dot indicating the number of unread messages received from the teacher’s end.

Note: You will be able to see ‘Teacher Messaging’ banner on your homepage only when it’s enabled by the school.

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You can also directly check teacher messages under Notifications, using the bell icon on top right of your homepage. Please keep in mind that you will be notified of a teacher’s message under ‘Notifications’ only if you have enabled this setting under Notification settings.

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Use Teacher messaging

The Teacher messaging feature allows two way communication between the family and teachers. As a family member, you can participate in a conversation started by the teachers or you can also initiate a chat with the teacher from your end.

Participate in a conversation

In order to communicate with teachers, click on the Teacher Messaging tab on the homepage. Next, on the left hand side you will see the list of all the teachers who have initiated a conversation with you. By clicking on a teacher’s name, the chat thread will open up and you will be able to see all the messages and attachments shared with that teacher.

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Initiate a conversation

If you wish to initiate a conversation with any teacher, click on ‘Start new conversation‘ right below the header on left pane. Next, you will see a list of all the teachers tagged with your child’s class. Select the teacher with whom you want to start a new chat.

Note- You will be able to initiate conversation with teachers only when the school has enabled these settings.

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On the landing page, you can begin your conversation with the selected teacher as shown below.

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Send messages

If you wish to initiate or respond to a message, type in the space provided below and click on ‘Send’. Feel free to send messages as an audio note using the microphone icon and use the emoticons in your messages as well!

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The red plus icon on the left allows you to send attachments along with text messages. Toddle allows you to capture images and/or videos, add links and upload media from your device, Google Drive and OneDrive. Add the attachment of your choice and hit ‘send’.

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Edit or delete messages

In case, you want to edit already sent messages in a chat, hover your cursor on the message and click on the three dots. Now, tap on ‘Edit’ and make necessary changes. Next, click on ‘Update’ to send.

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Likewise, click on the three dots to delete any message. A text will appear informing you that the message has been removed.

Toddle allows you to download the attachment from the Teacher messaging. To do so, click on the download icon placed next to the attached media file. You can also tap and expand the attached media files to get a detailed view.

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View Teacher messaging for another child

If you are a family member of more than one child, you can switch between children to view and engage in conversations with teachers of any of your child. To do so, click on your child’s name and select another child from the homepage. Next, click on ‘Teacher messaging‘ to see all the conversations.

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