As a family member you can remain abreast with the various happenings around the school via the school announcements. Furthermore, you can be in touch with your child’s learning activities through the notifications you receive. Read this article to know how you can access and manage your notifications and announcements on Toddle app.

  1. Access Notifications

  2. Access Announcements

  3. Configure Settings

Access Notifications

Toddle allows you to access your notifications right from your homepage. Click on the bell icon on top right corner of the homepage to view all the notifications you have received as a parent or the ones that your child has received. Please note that notifications for all your children are consolidated under this tab. This could include notifications triggered by events such as:

  • Your child’s report card shared with you

  • Unit plan shared with you

  • One of your children is tagged to a journal post

Family Notifications8.jpg

You can tap on any notification to go to the exact part of the platform where that notification was triggered. For example, if you tap on the fourth notification in the screen above, where your child is tagged in a post, , you will be navigated to that post.

Family Notifications9.jpg

Access Announcements

To access school announcements, tap on the ‘Announcements’ section on your homepage. This will take you to the screen where all announcements are listed one below the other. You can tap on any one to view the details.

Family Notifications10.jpg

Configure Settings

To configure the settings related to your notifications and announcements, click on the gear icon under the Notifications tab. You will land on the Configuration page where you can turn on or off the triggers for notifications and announcements. In case you have more than one child added to the platform, the same notification settings would apply to all.

Family Notifications11.jpg

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