The progress report interface for the school administrator is now made more intuitive and allows for time efficient operations such as bulk updates and filters. Read this article to learn about the new enhancements that have been introduced in the revamped interface of the progress report. This article will cover:

  • Navigate to progress reports

  • Class and status filters

  • Bulk operations

Navigate to progress reports

Navigate to the progress report set by clicking on the ‘Progress report’ option on the Home page and then selecting the report set that you wish to work upon.

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Next, click on the grade whose report you wish to access.

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You will navigate to the students view where you can view the overall progress report status of all students within the selected grade.

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Class and status filters

On the screen shown above, you can apply filters based on class(es) or progress report status to narrow down your search.

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Bulk operations

When you select one ore more student records from the table, the icons for different bulk operations appear at the top of the table.

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You can perform the following bulk operations on the selected records:

  • Lock/unlock - You can lock/unlock progress report of students. Only the locked reports can be shared with families.

  • Include/exclude - You can include or exclude students from the report set. Excluded students will show as greyed out in the table.

  • Share/unshare - You can share/unshare progress report of selected students with their families, Share status is also shown as a separate column in the table.

  • Download - You can download progress report of selected students. Only the locked or shared progress reports can be downloaded.

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