On Toddle, Educators can now use different filters to search for the evidence posts to be added under unit reflections. This can be done directly from Unit Planning, where you can search for posts by applying filters on units, subjects, class, academic year and more! Read this article to explore all about the New Evidence interface.

  • Navigate to ‘Add evidences’

  • Use filters to add posts

  • Reset filters

  • Post preview

Navigate to ‘Add evidences’

  1. To begin, select the unit of your choice and click on the ‘Reflection’ tab.

  2. Next, click on ‘Add evidence’ option as shown below.

  3. Now, tap on ‘Add post’ from the dropdown menu to add journal post as an evidence in your unit plan.

Group 6 (6).jpg

4. On the landing page, you will see all the posts tagged to the selected unit and class. You can directly select and add the evidence posts from here.

Group 7 (6).jpg

Use filters to add posts

Toddle has made it easy for you to filter out specific evidence posts. There are multiple filters available to narrow down your search and select the relevant posts to include in your unit plan.

Group 9 (7).jpg

Use the following list of filters to locate evidence posts that you’d like to add under reflections -

  • Units - you can select the unit of your choice to see all the tagged posts in it.

  • Classes - you can select classes from which you want to add evidence posts.

  • Academic year - you can choose the academic year to see all the posts tagged in it.

  • Subjects - you can view subject related posts for any subject(s) of your choice.

  • Concepts - you can select concepts to see all the posts tagged to it.

  • Learner profile attributes - you can choose from a list of learner profiler attributes to see all the tagged posts.

  • Approaches to learning - you can filter the posts by the ATLs they are tagged to.

  • MYP Objectives - you can also put a filter based on the MYP Objectives.

Please note that some of these filters may vary depending on the curriculum

Group 10 (4).jpg

Once you are done filtering out the posts of your choice, select the posts that you wish to add. The number of posts selected will be reflected at the bottom left of your screen.

Group 11 (2).jpg

By clicking on ‘Add’, the selected post(s) would start reflecting in the reflection box. If you wish to add more evidence posts follow the same steps and click on the ‘Update’ button.

Group 12 (3).jpg

Reset filters

If you wish to reset the multiple filters you have selected, you can just tap on the ‘Reset’ option given at the top right corner of the modal window.

Group 13 (3).jpg

Post preview

If you wish to get a detailed view of any post, hover your cursor on the post of your choice and click on the eye icon on the right. This will give you an expanded view of the selected post with all the details, as shown below.

Group 14 (1).jpg

We hope that you were able to find what you were looking for. Explore other articles for more!

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