Toddle’s Workbook is a vibrant tool that allows both teachers and students to explore their creativity and make learning fun and engaging. It is the answer to all your virtual learning needs and makes it easier to create interactive assignments directly on Toddle!

This article is a walkthrough of the new enhancements that have been introduced in the workbook, which makes it a more powerful tool:

  • Revamped menu bar

  • Revamped brush bar

  • Pointer tool for screen recording

  • Full screen view

  • Keyboard shortcuts

New workbook interface

Revamped menu bar

You can use a variety of tools from the revamped menu bar of the workbook and create engaging worksheets.

  1. Text tool: Use the text tool as shown below to type text in your workbook. The rotator on the top can help you to angle your text. Furthermore, clicking on the 3 dots gives you additional options including layering the text, locking it, duplicating it, attaching audio to it or deleting it.

Workbook 1.jpg

2. Camera tool: The camera tool can be used to introduce multimedia elements, such as pictures or videos, into your workbook. It includes the option to instantly film videos or take pictures and upload them to the workbook pages.

Workbook 3.jpg

3. Screen recording: The record icon in the menubar allows you to embed audio instructions in the workbook while simultaneously recording the screen. This can be very helpful for learners as they can instantly connect with their teacher’s voice.

Workbook 4.jpg

4. Shape tool: Using the shape tool and its associated features, you can add different shapes in the workbook and adjust their size, color and angle. Clicking on the 3 dots gives you additional options such as locking the image, layering it, attaching audio to it or deleting it.

Workbook 5.jpg

5. Backgrounds: You can add creative backgrounds for your workbook using the multitude of options available. You can choose between plain background, backgrounds with patterns, pastel colors or solid colors.

Workbook 6.jpg

Revamped Brush Bar

The brush bar in the workbook enables annotations using pen tool, sketch pen and highlighter. You can also erase your annotations using the eraser tool. Furthermore, you can use the move tool to move or rotate individual objects freely in the workbook.

Workbook 7.jpg

Pointer tool for screen recording

While screen recording, you can make use of the pointer tool to point at sections of the screen being recorded. To use it, select the pointer tool and hold down the mouse click. For touch screen devices just move your finger on the screen and pointer tool will make itself visible.

Workbook 8.jpg

The recorded video will show the pointer tool. You can also resize the video frame using resize handlers at the corners.

Workbook 9.jpg

Full screen view

Toddle provides a ‘full screen view’ feature to view your workbook in full screen mode where all other controls on screen like menu bar and brush bar are hidden. You can toggle between the two views using the icon in the top bar as shown below.

Workbook 10.jpg
Workbook 11.jpg

Keyboard shortcuts

A new set of keyboard shortcuts has been introduced in the workbook, making it intuitive and easy to use. Here is the list:

Workbook 1.jpg

Hope this article helps you design fabulous workbooks for your students. Explore other articles for more!

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