Progress summary is a consolidated view of the progress of the student. Students and their families can get meaningful insights into what and how students are performing!

Step 1: Click on the Progress summary tab from your home page.

Step 2: On the left-hand panel there are multiple segments indicating the progress of a student in different sections. Let's deep dive into each segment:


Under Assessments, you will be able to see grades for all the assessments (Formative and Summative) by criteria. In order to dig deeper into an assessment simply click on the title [Ex- Venn Diagrams 2 in the picture]

MYP Criteria

Under the MYP Criteria tab, you can see a visual representation of the 6 most recent ratings on MYP Criteria for Assessments and Progress reports.

Service-learning outcomes

This view shows you the outcomes for service as action activities and the number of times a particular outcome has been tagged and evidence collected for each!

Progress reports overview

Progress report overview shows you the progress of the student across progress reports! You will see a summary of grades by criteria, final grade, local grade, and evaluations done by the school. You can also see an expanded view of the progress report by clicking on the View report at the bottom of the page.

Progress summary is an engaging and insightful view for students and families to reflect on the student's performance!

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