Toddle Classroom's new look is now more convenient and functional for Students.

Here are the changes in the Classroom platform:

1) Task cards- The assignment feed cards have a new and improved look. They are a lot more compact and there is now an icon to show what kind of task has been assigned, submission status i.e Turned in, Completed, Submission pending or overdue.

2) Filter tasks

Students will now be able to organize their classroom view by using the filter option to filter down the tasks by different status.

You can also filter the folders from the menu on the left.

3) Completed tab -

All the tasks that are marked evaluated and completed by teachers will automatically move to the completed tab from the ongoing tab. As and when the teacher will mark a task as completed or evaluated, the task will reflect under the completed tab for those students.

Note: Once the task is marked as completed/evaluated, students will not be able to make submissions or changes to the task.

The new and improved classroom look and features are going to be most useful for all Toddle Students. Hope you make the most of it!

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