Students can access the learning experiences/quick tasks assigned to them, through the Toddle Classroom. They can ask questions through a private chat and submit their work for feedback.

Follow the step by step guide to access tasks and submit work online;

Step 1: Click on the task assigned by your teacher to complete it.

Step 2: Read the guidance provided by your teacher under the Instructions tab and download the resources attached to complete the assignment. You can also view the assessment tool provided for the task.

Note: Send a private message to your teacher in case you have any doubt or you need further assistance with the assignment.

Step 3: Click on Response to submit your assignment.

You can add evidence of your learning by adding attachments to your assignment by clicking on Add work. Select one from the listed options to submit your evidence.

Step 4: To add a file from Google Drive click on Files and select Add from Google Drive.

Step 5: Choose your files and click on Select to add the file to your work.

Note: Give Edit/ View/ Comment access to your teacher for the files. You can also record an audio message to the teacher.

Step 6: Click on Add to confirm your submission.

Step 7: You can also add Remarks for your assignment in the text box.

Step 8: Click on Turn in submission to submit work to your teacher.

Step 9: Confirm your submission by clicking on Yes.

Step 10: Once you turn in your submission you will receive a yellow banner on top of the Response tab indicating that your work has been submitted.

Step 11: You can Unsubmit and edit the submission by clicking on the Unsubmit and edit submission tab.

You can make the necessary changes to the task and resubmit it.

Learning remotely enhances the student's knowledge and skills while learning about new aspects of life.

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